The Baugo Community Schools have developed school safety plans and crisis management plans and we utilize an ongoing process to update district-wide safety plans that includes in-service training, crisis preparation, a district safety committee and student/parent participation. A safe, orderly environment is necessary to support student achievement. A coordinated effort among students, parents, educators and community members will keep our schools safe. Through study, planning, education and follow-up, we will continue to have safe schools that support student learning. If you have questions about school safety contact Director of Facilities, Doug Southworth at 574-293-8583.

School Safety Frequently Asked Questions

What is emergency preparedness?

The Baugo Community School Corporation has taken steps to ensure your child's safety while in school. Each school has developed a crisis response plan. Emergency preparedness is basically preparing the steps you will take in the event of an emergency, such as contact information, communications, and evacuation plans.

How can I stay informed?

The Baugo Community Schools will broadcast emergency messages, when necessary, using a number of media options. General emergency messages, 2 hour delays and closings can be found on the school system public web home page. Emergency messages are provided to local media, and parents are encouraged to listen to radio or television.

How will my child's school handle an emergency situation?

All Baugo Community School's facilities have an emergency preparedness plan. The specifics of each plan differ for each location. The response to each situation will differ based on the specifics of that situation. The flexibility of the plan is key to the success of the response. In general, each plan involves the designation of a crisis management team; development of evacuation, shelter-in-place, and lock down procedures; preparation of a portable critical response bag that contains key supplies; designation of one or more appropriate evacuation sites; details for dealing with specific types of incidents. All Baugo Community School District plans have been reviewed within the last twelve months, and school crisis teams have received training.

What is a parent reunification site?

If public safety officials require that a school building be evacuated, students and staff members will be safely transported by bus to a designated parent-student reunification center. Parents will be informed of the reunification location via the school website and local media. At the reunification center, students will be released to their parents upon presentation of proper identification.

Who can pick up my children?

Children may not be released to individuals who are not authorized on the student's emergency care card or who do not have written parent authorization.

The emergency care form is completed by parents and guardians at the start of each school year. Parents and guardians are encouraged to update the emergency contact information as needed throughout the school year.

Friends and neighbors may sign a child or children out with written permission from a parent or parents. Both (or all) parents may give permission in writing for the sign out and pickup. Schools prefer to have written permission on the day that a child's pickup will change, but schools may also keep written permission on file. School offices may keep the permission notes--and are asked to attach them to the emergency care card(s) of those involved. Schools may also ask for identification when the child is released to the one(s) mentioned in the permission note. It is advisable to communicate with the teacher as well, perhaps with a copy of the signed written note.