Jimtown Junior High School strives to instill a joy for learning, to celebrate creativity, and to support each and every student in attaining his or her fullest personal and academic growth. Our teachers are extremely talented in their respective disciplines and we are committed to making Jimtown Junior High School an enriching learning environment. Middle School is a time of tremendous growth and change - intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Jimtown Junior High School provides opportunities for every student to maximize their individual strengths and develop a sense of self-worth that lasts a lifetime.

Within a traditional liberal arts curriculum, students are challenged to embrace new ideas, listen carefully to others, and develop critical thinking skills in their journey toward independence. All members of the community-including students, parents, faculty and staff-contribute to the spirit of the school. We contribute by acting with integrity and respect for individual differences, by treating others and the environment with care and concern, and by cooperating as well as competing. All assume responsibility for learning by participating in the life of the school, by valuing the accomplishments of self and others, and by striving to excel in all things. Open and honest communication between parents, faculty, and staff is vital to the work we do here at Jimtown Junior High and we encourage parents to call anytime with a question, concern, or suggestion for improving our efforts on behalf of our students.

Below you will find a curriculum map for each subject in our school.


7th Grade

Math Curriculum Map -  7th Math- 2022-2023 - Sheet1.pdf

ELA Curriculum Map- Curriculum Map -  7th ELA Sheet1.pdf

Science Curriculum Map 7th Grade Science Syllabus (1).pdf

Social Studies Curriculum Map - Curriculum Map 7th Grade Social Studies.pdf

Health/Wellness Curriculum Map (7th and 8th) - (22-23) Wellness Curriculum Map (1).pdf

Business -  7th grade BusinessCurriculum Map.pdf

FACS - Copy of FACS Curriculum Map 2019_20.pdf

8th Grade

Math Curriculum Map - 2022-2023 Math 8 Curriculum Calendar - Sheet1.pdf

ELA Curriculum Map - Curriculum Map 8th LA 22-23.pdf

Science Curriculum Map - Curriculum Map.pdf

Social Studies Curriculum Map -  8th SST Curriculum Calender.pdf

Health/Wellness Curriculum Map - (7th and 8th) - (22-23) Wellness Curriculum Map (1).pdf

Business/Careers - 8th Grade Curriculum Map .pdf

Spanish - 22-23 Spanish 1 curriculum Map .pdf